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How do you create resilience in an uncertain world?

We make unique content about Homesteading, Sustainability & Futurism

We explore how our past and present has been shaped by our interactions with nature, and how we can learn from to create a more innovative and regenerative future.

Looking to the Future

Our Values

We believe that nature knows best. There are ways to build a better future by learning from it and working with it. 

Our Vision

We want to show the world that there are ways of doing things differently while working in harmony with nature and each other. We are looking for at the issues to the world's biggest problems around food, energy, and climate.  

Our Clients

We work with sustainability businesses that believe the same as us and want be a vehicle for change and innovation.

What We Care About

Sustainability            Self Sufficiency          

Technology                Agriculture               

Cooking                      Homesteading

Meet the Team

Ryan Flett

Ryan is a homesteader and video creator living in South East British Columbia. He worked in the outdoor adventure industry as a photographer, director, and producer for over a decade. He learned the power of video, documentary storytelling, and social media.

Ryan has now taken his love of video and the outdoors and focused it on sustainability. He is developing his own homestead to be more self sufficient and resilient in the face of an uncertain future, and wants to show others how to do the same. 


He wants to work with people and organizations who care about the same thing and are looking for solutions by using innovative and traditional methods.

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